Sex As . . .

Sex As . . . addresses a topic as old as life itself and awaits completion by an expert.

That would be you. You are the only person—living, dead, or yet to be born—who has experienced sex in the ways that you have thought about, have experienced, or are considering.

Sex As . . . invites you to create a written and/or pictorial journal of your sexual life, to be shared with others or not. During your reading course, you are prompted to respond to phrases such as; Sex as . . . love, Sex as . . . fear, Sex as . . . healing.

Author Jeff DeVore does not attempt to provide answers or advice. The book is not the result of research, not a how-to book, not a psychological/philosophical/theological volume on sex; those excellent works can be found in libraries and bookstores. Rather the themed pages invite you to tell your truth about this complex reality. As you do so, you may uncover new knowledge and freedom, release and forgiveness, joy and peace.

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